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Raven Bone Garden Accessory Pouch

Raven Bone Garden Accessory Pouch

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Introducing the Raven Bone Garden Accessory Pouch! This little guy may be small in length (8.35 inches to be exact), but don't let that fool you. He's got a height of 5.98 inches and is ready to take on the world. Or at least your garden. But wait, there's more! This pouch isn't just for gardening tools. Oh no, it's a versatile little thing. You can use it for pencils, makeup, or even as a travel bag. Talk about multi-functional. And let's talk about durability. This pouch is made from 100% polyester, so it can handle whatever you throw at it. And with a zipper closure, your items will stay safe and secure. But wait, there's more! (I know, I'm full of surprises). This pouch has flat corners and a non-woven white or black interior laminate. Plus, it comes in multiple sizes. So whether you need a small pouch for your tiny tools or a larger one for your makeup collection, we've got you covered. But wait, there's more! (Okay, I'll stop now). Just a friendly reminder, there may be a size tolerance of 0.375 inches. But hey, that just adds to the charm, right? So go ahead and add the Raven Bone Garden Accessory Pouch to your collection. Trust me, it's a real hoot.

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