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Eternal Lovers Goth throw pillow cover

Eternal Lovers Goth throw pillow cover

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Ladies and gentlemen, gather around and feast your eyes on the Eternal Lovers Goth throw pillow cover! This bad boy is made of 100% polyester, because let's face it, goths don't do cotton. It's got a double sided print, so you can switch it up depending on your mood. And don't worry about any pesky zippers ruining the dark aesthetic, because this cover has a concealed zipper. Oh, and just a heads up, the pillow is not included. Sorry, you'll have to find your own eternal lover to cuddle with. And before you get too excited, note that this is a pre-constructed item, so don't expect any DIY fun. But hey, at least the size variance is only +/- 0.5, so it's not like you'll end up with a tiny pillow for your giant goth throne.

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